The Tiny Signia Silk Nx Hearing Aids

The ever so tiny Signia Silk Nx hearing aids are some of the smallest and most discreet hearing aids on the market. They might as well be invisible. Be careful! You might lose them easily, which would be a sad day because they cost approx. $1799 USD each. (Actual price varies on retailer.)

There are hearing aids out there that are bigger (and have longer lasting batteries), but the advantage of Signia Silk Nx is that they provide high quality sound, include a range of features you have come to expect from high end hearing aids, and it is so tiny it might as well be invisible.

With three different sleeve sizes, Click Sleeves are designed to comfortably fit in most ear canals. Whether you're new to hearing aids or you're looking for an upgrade, Click Sleeves enable you to walk out the door with immediate access to a clear and profoundly enhanced listening experience.

Because they are so small it is easy to somekinds confuse which ones are for left and right, but fortunately Signia has fixed that problem. Blue for left and red for right you won't mix up the hearing aids, and thus can ensure the proper level of listening for each ear.

Signia Silk's build is one of its finest features a super soft and comfortable hearing aid that fits nearly every ear. Despite its small size, Signia Silk has an extraordinary amount of listening features. Designed to simulate the natural binaural listening experience, so the user can determine directionality easily. Silk achieves by boosting your hearing to focus on specific sounds in your environment, while canceling out background noise you do not want to hear. Wireless streaming capabilities, in conjunction with accessories and smartphone controls, gives you a more streamlined listening experience.

Want to check out the Signia Silk Nx in person? Visit Omni Hearing in Vaughan or Woodbridge. Phone Omni Hearing (905-605-4593) to schedule an appointment right now!

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