Translator Hearing Aids

February 2020.

What if you could have hearing aids that not only allow you to hear better, but also have the option to detect other languages and translate them into your preferred language?

The world's first translator hearing aid connects to an smartphone using AI-powered technology and can translate speech into 27 different languages, say its creators.

The creators (Starkeys) of the hearing aid and accompanying software claim to have mastered near-real time translation of Arabic, English, French, Japanese and 23 other languages, by using software within the hearing aid which listens for the foreign languages, relays it to the phone, translates it into speech of the appropriate language, and transmits back to the hearing aid.

There is a time delay during the translation process, but it is very close to being real time translation.

Starkeys claims the technology also reduces noisy environments by 50 per cent, while artificial intelligence optimises the hearing experience and its translation is comparable to Google Translate in terms of accuracy.

Google Translate, it should be noted, is currently only accurate about 90.5% accurate with its translations. It does make mistakes.

Starkeys software, Livio AI, may some day be available and compatible with other hearing aids that have smart-tech and Bluetooth capabilities that connect to your smartphone, but for now their software only works on Starkeys' own hearing aids.

The Livio AI hearing aid plus software is currently priced at $3900 USD.

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